ChapterPerChapter — The Best Online Book Discussion Platform without Spoilers

Reading a book is always best done with someone else. The discussions and debates are thought-provoking, the joy of anticipation makes the wait for the next chapter easier, and you find yourself devouring books at an alarming rate. And then you get to the end, and there is no one around with whom to talk about it.

ChapterPerChapter gives you a community of people to discuss books with, meet new people online and make new friends, all while having fun discussing your favourite books.


What Makes ChapterPerChapter Stand Out?

Reading a book is not just about finishing it but also about discussing it.

However, the experience of discussing books can be frustrating if you’re meeting people with different reading habits. Reviewing a book chapter by chapter makes for engaging discussions, but what happens when other readers are at a different stage? The discussion will have to be postponed or terminated altogether.

ChapterPerChapter provides an online platform for discussing books by chapter. This allows reading groups to share their thoughts right away without having to worry about spoilers. Readers can carry on, even if they are ahead or behind their reading groups.

It is a moderated online platform where people who have read books (in real life or on Kindle) can discuss each chapter one by one while calling out everything they feel, love, or hate in stunning detail.

It is difficult to find people who will read books chapter by chapter with you. You can’t discuss the plot of a novel on social media because you risk getting spoilers (or not being able to keep up) or face the wrath of an angry friend who already read it and was blown away by the plot twist!

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