How to Use Quora to Increase Book Sales

What Is Quora?


In older days, there were a number of websites like, or Yahoo Answers, where people ask questions, and the people who know the answers of those questions put the answer of their relevant questions. The vote system provides the answers would rise to the top and stay there and other people who are looking for the same question’s answers.

How Can Authors Use Quora

If you are in hype or non-fiction, your followers and readers are requesting questions. You, as and author, need to know what type of questions people are asking from you… or much better, you must also know what type of questions will lead you to more sales.

Create a Quora Account

To get stared you will have to create your account on For this purpose you can utilize your Facebook, Google+ or email account.

Nevertheless, after getting signed up, you can set up your account to make a great profile to describe your expertise and let the people know about what you more experience have. The knowledge you place on this profile should be geared towards the sort of questions you intend to answer.

Find Threads and Topics

When in the dashboard of your quera account got set up, you can start helping people by search box. Below you can type in your genre, questions or the keywords for that you are looking for answers. Once you hit enter, Quora will find a slew of questions that meet your requirement.

After answered some of the questions for some specific questions, you will learn to notice that other Quora users will start asking you about the relevant questions as well… which is nice. This is excellent way to grow your authority on the subject matter.


Quora is one of the powerful ways to create your authority and a passive traffic to your website or promote your book’s sales page.