Smart Ways to download ebooks FREE but Legally

To be an author, people are spending more cash than they like to admit on ebooks. You might have enjoyed reading the books and they help you to increase your skills as an author.

Nevertheless recently I found some ways that allow you to download ebooks legally but for free. This way can be used for kindle books and how you can even get the new or popular ones as well.


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a community that helps you to finds fine ebooks online and publishes them on their site.

Almost all of their collections are old who either have no copyright – Like Carter of Roter planet or those literatures that lost their copyright laws over time. However, this is one of the easiest way to get ebooks for free ebooks.

Advertising Free Offers the websites

The famous websites like and have sections in their store where they focus to provide a huge collection of free ebooks, known as permfree, and also those books that are at the price of zero for advertising purposes.

This way you can find a overabundance of non-fiction and literature as well as general books looking to brand that ‘push’ up in the sales metrics.

You can follow the under given links to find the copyright free ebooks:

  • Amazon online Free Kindle Downloads
  • Google Play Free Ebooks

The Useful ways to Download Free Ebooks

From this article you can see, these ways are making your search to find your desired ebook online preliminary from new and rising works of arts to NYT hits through strong.

You can contact your local public library online or maybe hit up the deductions from big sellers like Amazon and Google. The point is, there are numerous reliable behaviors you can get free ebooks.

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