Things to Know for Staring your Book websites

Usually there are three types of websites are being run by authors:

  • The author website
  • The book website
  • The publishing company website

It’s up to you and your goals and the budget what kind of websites you have to start. However, here we will talk about book websites. How to create those websites and make our investment for a long run?


Using a relevant domain name

Yes, this is one of the foremost requirements to run a book websites, you must have a relevant domain name to your book. When a reader comes to your website it will be the first thing they will see even before vising your book website. A book website is not place to promote other books, each book should have a different website.

3 things to consider while choosing book’s domain name

For example you bought a domain name that matches with someone else book, it is not going to be effective to promote your book.

If you have a catchy title of your book, just buy a domain that matched with that title, it will be one of the best ways for peace of mind.

When a book will be complete just forward to your book’s page and it will create a separate book website. It will allow you to market your book name as well as forward to your friends who will also promote it for free.

You can even show the cover of your book on your website homepage that could be in the header or at the sidebar. There are many wordpress themes available to create stunning landing pages.

The conclusion is if you are writing a book doesn’t forget to make your book’s website and keep it updated as your book will be written, it will help you to produce content for your website while writing your book.

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