The Guardian of Genghis Khan’s Tomb Kindle Edition by Michael Hickland

It’s been centuries since the death of Genghis Khan and his empire. No one knows what happened to his treasure. If you want to know the answer to this mystery, The Guardian of Genghis Khan’s Tomb is a historical fiction novel that takes readers on an exciting journey from the time after Genghis Khan’s death until the present day.


The Guardian of Genghis Khan’s Tomb is the perfect novel for people wanting to know about the mystery of Genghis Khan’s treasure. It’s written by Michael Hickland, one of the most reputed authors. The book is now available in Kindle edition on Amazon.

You may have heard of the Mongol Empire, but you may not know about the Tomb of Genghis Khan.  Tomb of Genghis Khan is a mystery that has been kept hidden for centuries. With The Guardian of Genghis Khan’s Tomb, you’ll learn all there is to know about Genghis Khan’s tomb and treasure.

The Guardian of Genghis Khan’s Tomb: Why is it gaining popularity among people?

It’s been more than a thousand years since Genghis Khan’s great army sacked Baghdad and took the city by storm. Nobody knows where the treasure is, or what happened to it.

You could spend hours reading about the history of Baghdad and the treasure, but you won’t learn anything new. Michael Hickland takes a different approach in his novel The Guardian of Genghis Khan’s Tomb. He tells the story from a different perspective, which makes this novel interesting. It’s an ideal choice for everyone interested in knowing about the historical hidden secrets.

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