World Peace Is Comedy by Ed Blaze – One of the Best Books to Read Before Bed

Are you searching for a new book for your bedtime reading? Having a tough time finding a great book that suits your taste? No fuss, you have come to the right place. We’ve picked out a new book titled ‘World Peace Is Comedy’’. Written by Ed Blaze, the book has everything to take leisure to the next level.

As it name suggests, the book sheds light on the importance of comedy. The author of this book likes to poke fun at everything, from politics and sex to race and pop culture. If you or your colleague wants to read something new and funny before going to bed, this is the right book your money can buy. It has everything for all ages and I am pretty sure you won’t regret investing in this book.

If you think you’re getting weird and need some funny stuff, be sure to give this a go. People who’ve already read this book say cool things about it, and the majority of them feel no hesitation in recommending it to anyone in search of a real entertainment.

Here’s what his biography says:

‘’Blaze used humor to cope with a childhood marked by indigence, to thrive in the face of adversity, and to sow hope and optimism in the hearts of those who are grappling with despair and pessimism. His sense of humor stems from a philosophy of survival, one acquired from travails he experienced while living with his grandparents in rural Tanzania. He can draw absurdly hilarious comparisons between life in the United States and existence in Tanzania – or East Africa in general.’’

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