Blackass: A Novel Review

Blackass: A Novel Review

  • Furo Wariboko, a young Nigerian, awakes the morning before a job interview to find that he’s been transformed into a white man. In this condition he plunges into the bustle of Lagos to make his fortune. With his red hair, green eyes, and pale skin, it seems he’s been completely changed. Well, almost. There is the matter of his family, his accent, his name. Oh, and his black ass. Furo must quickly learn to navigate a world made unfamiliar and deal with those who would use him for their own purposes. Taken in by a young woman called Syreeta and pursued by a writer named Igoni, Furo lands his first-ever job, adopts a new name, and soon finds himself evolving in unanticipated ways.
  • A. Igoni Barrett’s Blackass is a fierce comic satire that touches on everything from race to social media while at the same time questioning the values society places on us simply by virtue of the way we look. As he did in Love Is Power, or Something Like That, Barrett brilliantly depicts life in contemporary Nigeria and details the double-dealing and code-switching that are implicit in everyday business. But it’s Furo’s search for an identity–one deeper than skin–that leads to the final unraveling of his own carefully constructed story.


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“My first Nigerian novel. This was a great book for me, someone who generally only reads non-fiction. The story was modern, not too sophisticated, but thought provoking, funny and interesting enough fit me to keep reading. the writing is fantastic, the author really brings you beside the characters and in Lagos. The end isn’t really a twist as many if the reviews suggested. I’m still trying to find a good synopsis to help me understand the moral, if there is one…the little gem in between chapters were great though” By Darius Hinton

“This is a very interesting and humorous book. Very easy and quick to read. Nigerians are generally friendly people but they are extra friendly when you are a foreigner or have a foreign touch. Lots of indigenous owned company liked to hire foreign individuals because they feel it will give them better advantage and leverage for opportunities. This is is exactly what the lead character of this book felt as everyone tried to poach him.” By Chi

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